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Welcome to Bunty's Flower Farm!


So, what’s happening at Bunty’s??

You will likely notice that we haven’t been trying to sell flowers this year so far, in fact we have actively avoided it.

We are still growing loads of flowers (more than ever) but have decided to take the selling part easy this year. We loved what we did last year but it was quite “a lot” on top of our other commitments.

This year our “day jobs” (running a national vehicle sales and service company ) is going through a growth spurt with some massive projects in the works leaving little time for marketing Bunty’s and delivering bouquets.

So, we shall keep posting on our social channels, keep sharing what we are doing and happily assist with the odd bouquet here and there and perhaps gift some to friends, family and worthy causes, we might even bring back the flower cart in the summer when we have an abundance.

This year it’s “Just for Joy” and if our flowers give you some enjoyment or inspiration that’s just great. We are also doing a bit more homesteading in general which should be interesting ().

This is our passion and we are delighted to share it with you.



We have a range of products available seasonally and are delighted to offer for sales locally. 


Throughout our season we shall be running some small intimate events for Flower Faffers and friends, get in touch if you would be interested.


Janis is the person behind Bunty's Flower Farm (assisted by John), so where does the name come from.......

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