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Its all about Bunty.....

So, this is Bunty!

Our Shetland Pony who keeps our grass areas neatly trimmed. When we constructed our first tunnel Bunty lost a paddock, so it seems only fair she has "naming rights"

Bunty would very much like to assist more on the farm especially with the "cutting back"!!


Janis is why we are here. 

During the times over the last couple years when we are stuck at home more than we'd like, Janis decided we should grow flowers and so this started. 

She does this for no other reason than the love of it and spends her day job as Financial Director for the other family business ATV Services Scotland.

Janis only sees the good in life and ignores the weeds whilst looking at the flowers. 


John is Janis's other half and is "happy" to help in any way Janis requires.

Most likely to be heard to say:-

  • how much??

  • what's that called??

  • can't we sell more??

  • we really need one of these!!

John sees the flower farm as a way of justifying his "tool habit" and spends his real life as Managing Director of family business ATV Services Scotland and knows absolutely nothing about flowers but does run the website, so by default is awesome!!


This woman works for flowers!!

Janet is John's sister and helps whenever we need it. An avid faffer she sees the weeds that we don't and "waters while we're away". 

We pay her in flowers and the odd glass of wine. 



When we started growing, we had no idea where we were going with it, and in all honesty we still don't. If it ends up we only grow to fill our house full of blooms we shall be happy, but if we can share with others so much the better. 

Weekend Market
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