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 phrasal verb

faff about/around (British English, informal)

  • to spend time doing things in a way that is not well organized and that does not achieve much
    • Stop faffing about and get on with it!


Comes from many conversations between John and Janis where John does not seem to understand the process of putting together a bouquet!


That said choosing and picking your own flowers and putting then into a bouquet is a great experience and one that we want to share. 

Once you learn how to make your own bouquets you shall never look back. 


As a trial we shall be running only 4 of these events in 2023 and shall be in a very loose format but roughly as outlined below and numbers shall be limited to just 6 people each workshop.


A garden tour with Janis
Pick your own flowers for your bouquet.
Learn how to process and condition the flowers for the best results.
Arrange your bouquet (bring you favourite vase) 
Faff about getting it right - this takes the time.
Hand tie your bouquet

The complete process will take approx. 3-4 hours (there is no rush) and we will be delighted to offer some refreshments to assist your creative process.


We shall run 2x Weekend Afternoon Courses (one mid July one mid August / early Sept) and 2x Early evening Friday Evening Courses (one late July and one late August) if the demand is there.


Bunty's BFF's (bouquet subscribers) shall get £5 discount on these prices, please use your coupon code. 

Flower Faffing Experience

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